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Elana Cantor is a vivacious, driven, and honest performer with a New York charm. Growing up in Westchester County she has moved back home to pursue her performance aspirations. Since her first musical at the age of four when she played a puppet goat in “The Sound of Music,” she has continued to train and perform and is a 2022 graduate from the Ray Bolger Musical Theater Program at UCLA. Elana sings, acts, dances, and even writes her own pop music. 

She also is a strong advocate for mental health, and believes the world of performance is intertwined with it. She used her musical theater major and cognitive science minor at UCLA to intern at a non-profit, UCLA-based organization called “The Center for Scholars and Storytellers” that bridges the gap between scholars and storytellers to promote youth mental health. There, she conducted research and reported on the effects of social media platform use, communicated with celebrities’ representatives to request support for and involvement in outreach activities, and developed social media accounts for the organization. Elana hopes to continue to study the cross-over between the world of performance and the human psyche. She hopes to use her performance skills and her pop edge to inspire people beyond the theater world.



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